Voces Del Desierto

Voces Del Desierto is a musical composition and performance debut by Quinteto Latino, a Silicon Valley based quintet, and exhibit of fused musical traditional instruments with objects found in the dessert border of Texas and Mexico, brought to audiences at MACLA this March 2012 (Sunday, March 18, 2012, 2pm).

Don’t miss this performance that “utilizes video, traditional wind instruments, and hand-made instruments created from immigrants’ personal belongings found at the border.”

Enjoy video performances by the quintet  and an SVL exclusive inter view with Armando Castellano here.

Voces del Desierto: Performance 1 by Quintato Latino

Voces del Desirto: Performance 2 by Quintato Latino

Interview with Armando Castellano about Quintato Latino (A chamber ensemble made up of a clarinet, flute, French horn, oboe and bassoon) and howVoces Del Desierto gives voice to anyone crossing borders in search of a better life. Castellano tells about his musical journey and the collaborative  ensemble  by Composer Guillermo Galindo who created the instruments and wrote a piece for Castellano’s quintet.

Written by Eydie Mendoza | Videos by Jose Posadas

For more performance information visit Quinteto Latino Voces Del Deseirto.

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