Contributing Writers

Silicon Valley Latino will continually strive to CELEBRATE the stories of successful Latinos and Latinas, to CHALLENGE perceptions of the Latino community and to INSPIRE new generations of Latino heroes.

Silicon Valley Latino will challenge itself to provide compelling content through words and images, to engage the Latino community through social media dialog, and will aspire to nothing short of greatness as the preeminent showcase of Latino empowerment.

SVL is an electronic magazine incorporating social media, using high definition images, productions and audio. SVL is produced utilizing a combination of staff, freelance contributors and interns. SVL is seeking contributors who are either established or aspiring professionals in Silicon Valley. SVL also encourages participation by student interns and volunteers who seek to gain valuable experience in the media field and/or are looking to network with other professionals, community leaders and creative individuals from all facets of life.

SVL is seeking interns in the following areas:

  • Social Media on the Beat (FB/Tweet/Pin/Flik/Tumbl/): to attend local events, cover and message; to include photo coverage at the events.
  • Journalist/Communications:
    — reporters to interview and write stories- ability to edit AP Style is a plus
    — script writer for commercials and advertisements
    — public relations to handle social media efforts and publicity
  • Musicians/DJ for videos: music for back ground and video productions
  • Actors: for video commercials, documentaries, and additional film projects
  • Multimedia and Video Producers: for commercial and documentary production
  • Graphic Designers: for website or printed collateral
  • Photographers: must have some experience or training even if self-taught and must be using HD
  • Videographers: must have some experience or training even if self-taught and must be using HD
  • Event Planners: for participation in events where SVL is a partner and/or where SVL is the primary event organizer SVL currently has no physical office at this time therefore interns should have their own equipment(computer, camera, or video camera) and software programs (MS Word for example)

For intern/volunteer consideration, please submit samples of writing, photo/video/art portfolio, and/or blog. Resumes, of course, are also accepted and a brief statement telling why you are interested in the internship with Silicon Valley Latino.