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Originally from Houston, Texas, Jesse found his way to San Francisco in March 1997, where he first experienced what it meant to work for a startup. As employee 27, he got to see firsthand, the building of a Silicon Valley company (funded by Sequoia Capital) that ultimately grew into a thousand employee+ Corporation, all in less than a year as it was acquired for $180 million by Frontier Communications. That experience & access to his new mentors/advisors, led Jesse to cofound along with his brother one of the first U.S. online bilingual Latino communities ( which was recognized by a U.S. Congressional Record by the House of Representatives in 1999 for their efforts around technology in Latino Community. They raised $2.3 million in seed capital & had two acquisition offers in less than six months. Jesse was most recently the cofounder of his third startup – Relevance & the country director for Brasil. He also spends the rest of his time as Cofounder|Co-chair|CEO on his personal passion, Latino Startup Alliance, a non-profit supporting global Latino Tech Entrepreneurs and startup ecosystems, and AVION. Jesse is also a team leader for the U.S. White House Team on Tech Inclusion, a Board Member for MEDA, a 2014 Clinton Global Initiative Attendee and an Advisor to several tech companies.