2012 Timeless Hair Care

Hair Styles & Hair Products

“For more traditional styles, Oribe’s hair products are a must have,” suggests Gina Hidalgo of Faux Salon in Campbell.

Cuban hairstylist Oribe Canales went from successfully doing runways to celebrity hair; celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber and Lyfe Silva just to name a few. These products are available in your high end salons. Among his product line are the popular:

  • Superfine: Hair Spray – Tames wild hair with a medium hold
  • Crème for Style – Creates a foundation for hair styles and tames frizzy hair
  • Royal Blowout: Heat Styling Spray – Helps maintain big sexy hair
  • Volumista: Mist for Volume – Adds volume to hair, described to be “mane-plumping”

Men and women use these products daily for professional, playful, and glamorous hair styles.  Ask your stylist for Oribe to keep your hair looking gorgeous all day long.

Oribe Product Photos by Eydie Mendoza

2012 Hair Styles

Hair Styles & Hair Products

“The 80s and 90s are back,” says Gina Hidalgo of Faux Salon in Campbell, “… time for fun colors!”

The funky colors and styles have made their way back to the salons. Men and women are wearing blunt shaved to geometrical cuts with enhancing colors, including yellows, blues and reds.

Pomade is the product of choice to give hair the extra spike and “Great hold for Mohawks.”

Current hot pick is Fiber Grease from Tokyo but ask your hair specialist for what works best with your hair and style preference.

Fiber Grease photo by Eydie Mendoza


Face for the Future

Written By Eileen Castro-Peretz | Photo By Durinda Shaw

The makeup you wear to an interview is just as important as the clothes you choose. They both convey a message to the interviewer about you. Pay special attention to your makeup as you face new opportunities.

No matter the job or the place of employment, the objective of the interview makeup is to look pleasant and in control.

Your entire appearance communicates answers to questions you might want to ask yourself before heading off to the interview:

  • Can she be taken seriously?
  • Does she look pulled-together and professional?
  • Is she a match for this business environment?

Do your research on the company. Be prepared because knowing what is appropriate for any work situation is the key to success. Look polished. Don’t dress as though you are going dancing, and don’t dress down and without makeup like you are going to the gym. Show that you care about your face and your clothes.

Your interview outfit can often signal the appropriate makeup.

A power suit is matched by a well-defined power face. Use a lip pencil and good eye definition via shadow and liner. Richer lip colors and eye shadows are definitely appropriate, maybe with red nails.

On the other hand, if you wear less-structured clothes to an interview, your makeup should be less defined. Wear neutral makeup tones with less intense lip or eye color and focus on the smooth, clean application of your foundation.

You are ready to face your interview.

To answer your makeup questions or to address other beauty needs visit my website www.eileenskincare.com or email eileencastro@sbcglobal.net.