Ladies, Your Workout Prayers Have Been Answered

“Our motto for this year, 2012, is Strong and fearless. I chose it because I want every woman to be strong physically and fearless, meaning not letting fear get in the way of succeeding in life whether at home, at work, or at college,” says Angela Zapien, age 31, founder of The Pink Ladies Boot Camp in San Jose.

After Angela lost her job in 2009, and after months of searching for a job and questioning what she wanted to do with her life, she created The Boot Camp to accommodate women’s workout needs.

The Pink Ladies Boot Camp was launched on May 7, 2010, when Angela reached out for participants on Facebook. “Does anyone want to work out? I am studying to be a trainer.” She started with five women.

“It really kicked off that summer. Everything that I knew about fitness I wanted to share.”

When the group grew to 20 plus ladies, Angela invited her husband, Alex Zapien, 32-years-old this February, for feedback while he was on vacation from his job.

Fitness Trainers Alex and Angela Zapien (Founder) of The Pink Ladies Boot Camp | Photo by Patricia Ruiz

“He basically taught class that day.” The ladies liked the couple’s training dynamics. Angela adds, “So I hired him.”

In April 2011, seven Boot Campers including the Zapiens, participated in Walk by Faith a 5K walking event.

“Some people never thought they would participate. Never thought they would run or walk. For some of them it was their first 5k in their life.” Tearfully, Angela continues “And it’s because, we inspire them. I get emotional because I am very passionate about what I do. And just seeing someone walk or run three miles… That’s big.”

Alex adds, “That’s the biggest gift we can give someone is to inspire a person that has never done 10 or 5K and have then say, ‘Thank you so much! You have changed my life’.”

“It takes las ganas to do it. You know?” says Eva Carbajal, age 59, currently the eldest participant. Carbajal is not new to working out because she bikes 10mi every other day, and has been a marathon runner for over 25 years. She pointed out that her daughter Lisa comes with her and brings a group of friends.

Many of The Pink Ladies continue to walk and run marathons as a group. Seven (Five ladies and two men) including including the trainers joined Marsh Madness 10K (6.2 mi) held at the Palo Alto Baylands and another group participated in the 2011 San Jose Rock n Roll Half Marathon last October.

“Men are invited and join the boot camp, as well, but they never come back.” Along with Alex, there is one male participant in the group.

“I started with the Pink Ladies in September 2010 and since then have lost over 40lbs,” states Pink Ladies Fitness Assistant Elena Bermudez, age 35. “It’s just an inspiring place to come when I am feeling really down. It’s not just about getting in shape it’s also about support and spiritual growth and that’s what keeps me coming.”

Angela began working out with Alex over 10 years ago, and she tried out for the San Jose State University Sabercats cheerleading squad. Since then she pursued individual training and workouts, is certified in CPR and in TRX a Fitness Anywhere LLC bodyweight-based training. Currently, she is training for for a full marathon San Francisco 26.2 miles this July 29, 2012 on her birthday.

Alex is trained in Martial Arts since 14 years old and the power lifting of weights. He works for Comcast during the day, but holds an obstacle course one evening every week, called VIP Tuesdays.

Sonja Garcia, age 34, has been with the Camp since April 2011. “A lot of us are on Facebook and Angela puts a lot of quotes and assignments.” This week they created a vision board and last week they listed five achievement goals to be accomplished within 60 days. “Everything that we do, we post on Facebook.” Not all participants are on Facebook so Garcia adds, “Also on Tuesdays she emails recipes, and then there are Motivation Wednesdays where she sends out emails to everyone about a quote or the lady (Pink Lady) of the month.”

These fitness motivators offer this workout camp to the community for a reasonable fee; it includes support via story time talk sessions, cooking workshops, along constant social-media communication.  Alex suggested incorporating prayer into the workouts but Angela didn’t agree immediately, yet after attending a retreat in October of 2010, she embraced the concept and incorporated it into the Camp.

Angela believes, “You can look amazing on the outside but if you don’t feel amazing, it’s not going to work … It’s so important to fix the inside, too.”

The Pink Ladies Boot Camp is open to people of all sizes and beliefs. Angela and Alex will accommodate workouts to one’s physical condition and needs like pregnancy or as per doctor’s recommendations.

To find out more contact Angela Zapien via email and visit The Pink Ladies Boot Camp on Facebook

Written by Eydie Mendoza  |  Photos by Patricia Ruiz

Holiday Indulgence without Weight Gain

Written By Erik Garcia | Photo By Katelyn Robertson

The holiday season is a time for friends, family and of course great food. Prior to the holidays most people have an excellent diet before caving in and indulging on these wonderful rich foods.

I am the first to admit that, even as a fitness professional, I indulge in cookies, pies and wine, but don’t let the treats during this time of year get me off track.

In order to stay fit and feel great, it is important to have a plan for preventing the holiday bulge. My 5-step plan helps stay on track with exercise and to maintain nutritional goals:

  1.  Water: It is important to stay hydrated daily. Drinking water is essential for digestion, helps to maintain healthy weight, to flush out toxins, and to deliver nutrients to cells. Start your morning with 12-16 ounces of water before having any another liquids.
    At the next holiday party, begin with a glass of water, add lemon or lime, and have water throughout the event. It is important to drink a glass of water between cocktails not only to prevent intoxication, but in order to stay hydrated.
  2. Drink: Keep it simple. There are hidden calories in most specialty cocktails that may lead to unwanted weight gain this holiday season. If you are a beer drinker, stick with light beer because one 12-ounce bottle has approximately 95-136 calories and you get the same great taste without the extra calories. Next, steer clear of sugar filled cocktails like a chocolate martini (438 calories), a margarita (200 calories), or a white Russian (400 calories). The best thing to do is keep it simple with red wine, favorite liquor on the rocks, or a Vodka and soda water.
  3. Snack: Have a well-balanced snack before you head to your next event, which should consist of a protein, a healthy fat, and a carbohydrate, such as 2-3 ounces of chicken breast, small handful of almonds, or half of an apple. This prevents overeating, which is typical at a holiday party, and from being quickly intoxicated.
  4. Graze: Don’t stand by the food. It is important to mingle with friends and family, and do not hover over the food. Grab a few items and walk around socializing for about 15 minutes before returning for a second serving. Not walking away, could result standing in front of the hors d’oeuvres all night long and overeating.
  5. Exercise: When pressed for time during the holidays, it is important to remain on a regular exercise schedule. Especially for those who are short on time, consider doing a High Intensity Interval Training Session (HIIT) that is designed at a high effort level to be completed in a short amount of time, and to burn calories post-exercise.

Try the following Tabata HIIT that only takes 16-20 minutes of actual workout time, so that’s only 36-40 minutes including the warm-up and cool down. The workout should be done as follows (See the demonstation video):

Complete 6-8 rounds of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest of each of the following exercises. Complete the 6-8 rounds before moving on to the next exercise. The goal is to get the same number of reps for each set:

  • Squats
  • 20 foot Shuttle run (down and back is one rep)
  • Push-Ups
  • Sit-ups

Implement this 5-step plan throughout the holidays and you should be able to beating the
bulge and feel better than before. Look for more fitness tips on my website

Face for the Future

Written By Eileen Castro-Peretz | Photo By Durinda Shaw

The makeup you wear to an interview is just as important as the clothes you choose. They both convey a message to the interviewer about you. Pay special attention to your makeup as you face new opportunities.

No matter the job or the place of employment, the objective of the interview makeup is to look pleasant and in control.

Your entire appearance communicates answers to questions you might want to ask yourself before heading off to the interview:

  • Can she be taken seriously?
  • Does she look pulled-together and professional?
  • Is she a match for this business environment?

Do your research on the company. Be prepared because knowing what is appropriate for any work situation is the key to success. Look polished. Don’t dress as though you are going dancing, and don’t dress down and without makeup like you are going to the gym. Show that you care about your face and your clothes.

Your interview outfit can often signal the appropriate makeup.

A power suit is matched by a well-defined power face. Use a lip pencil and good eye definition via shadow and liner. Richer lip colors and eye shadows are definitely appropriate, maybe with red nails.

On the other hand, if you wear less-structured clothes to an interview, your makeup should be less defined. Wear neutral makeup tones with less intense lip or eye color and focus on the smooth, clean application of your foundation.

You are ready to face your interview.

To answer your makeup questions or to address other beauty needs visit my website or email