Santalynda Marrero, Ed.D. - SVL Executive Cultura Ambassador

August 21, 2023

Santalynda Marrero, Ed.D. - SVL Executive Cultura Ambassador

Catalyzing Excellence: Empowering Leadership and Inclusion Pioneer – Dr. Santalynda Marrero

Presenting the accomplished and our latest SVL Executive Cultura Ambassador, Dr. Santalynda Marrero: A visionary organizational consultant, distinguished executive coach, adept facilitator, accomplished trainer, and revered thought leader. With a foundation in counseling psychology and an illustrious 30-year career, she has empowered individuals, teams, and organizations to transcend boundaries and attain elevated levels of excellence.

Santalynda's profound belief in storytelling as "data with a soul" has led her to co-author the impactful book: "The Diversity Calling: Building Community One Story at a Time" (2011 Xlibris/Amazon). Her own chapter, "Living Multiple Realities as a Latina in America," stands as a testament to her journey, spotlighting challenges confronted, and possibilities realized through a cross-cultural lens.

Distinguishing her coaching approach, Santalynda adeptly wields a cross-cultural and generational vantage point, unveiling patterns that enable individuals to overcome self-imposed or external barriers and facilitate seamless transitions. With over 15 years of illustrious corporate and leadership roles at esteemed institutions like Stanford University Hospital, Silicon Valley, and Bell Labs, Santalynda discerns that successful individuals, especially those who are underrepresented, possess the ingenuity to unlock closed doors. Her guiding principle? "Seek out the skylight and embrace transformation from all angles."

As a co-founder of LatinaVIDA, Dr. Marrero embodies recognition as an esteemed educator, facilitator, and author committed to adult development within organizations, primarily through:


► Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging/Cultural Intelligence: Drawn from a life journey as a first-generation Puerto Rican raised in New Jersey, with educational experiences in Spain and professional endeavors across Latin America (Brazil, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and Mexico), Santalynda imparts intercultural insights. She actively conducts diversity, inclusion, and engagement training, teaches at the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication (SIIC), and co-authors "The Diversity Calling: Building Community One Story at a Time."

► Organizational Transformation, Team Dynamics, and Leadership Growth: For more than two decades, SM Consulting & Associates has spearheaded a diverse array of projects in organizational, leadership, and team development, reaping mutual benefits. Furthermore, Santalynda leverages two decades of internal consulting experience, encompassing roles at Bell Labs, High Tech, Stanford University Hospital, and Rutgers University.

► Coaching and Speaking Excellence: Blending rich experience, expertise, and a cross-cultural perspective, Santalynda orchestrates transformative impact. She crafts distinctive connections with multi-cultural youth, emerging professionals, and those navigating mid-career transitions through her coaching and speaking endeavors. Passionately, she champions women's advancement through Fire Breathing Women/Mujeres Que Respiran Fuego™, crafting tailored keynotes and specialized workshops.


Before launching SM Consulting in 1998 in California, Santalynda earned her stripes through influential roles at Stanford Hospital and Medical Center, Avantek/Hewlett-Packard, Bell Laboratories, and Rutgers University, where she attained her doctorate in Counseling Psychology.

For deeper insights, explore her website and blog—focused on leadership, engagement, and women's coaching under the banner of Fire Breathing Women/Mujeres Que Respiran Fuego™ and don't miss her thought-provoking journal "Fire Breathing Women/Mujeres Que Respiran Fuego Journal for Transformation," available on Amazon.

At the core of her philosophy lies the conviction that individual, organizational, and communal efficacy coalesce when the facets of leadership, strategy, engagement, and performance management harmoniously align. Embracing a holistic view, she believes true success isn't just about fitting in, but rather about being seen, heard, and experiencing a profound sense of belonging. It's a celebration of relationships, a dynamic interdependence that accounts for the whole individual—leading to profound engagement and shared triumph.


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