Tony Quintero - SVL Cultura Ambassador

May 04, 2014

Tony Quintero - SVL Cultura Ambassador

Tony Quintero was a founder of the first Latino student organization at San Jose State University and the first Chicano on the Student Council, where his work led to the first EOP Program and the Mexican American Graduate Studies Department.

  Tony Quintero

He later attended UC Berkeley’s School of Law (Boalt Hall) and was elected the first President of La Raza National Law Students Association, Founder of the First Law Student Legal Centers, a Robert F. Kennedy Fellow, Latino Leaders Magazine-Professional Achievement and the Latino Leadership Alliance Ollin Awards. He has served on the USHCC Board, was New America Alliance's Vice-Chairman, Founder of National Immigration Reform Advocates, and National Financial Services Consortium.  He also was past Chair of the NAA Corporate Board Initiative, and started the HACR/NAA Corporate Board Certification Program with Ana Cabral at USC and Harvard Business Schools.  He also served as Chair of the Hispanic Leadership Council, and served on the White House National Advisory Board, and as NAA Advisor to Treasury.

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