A Movie Review of MAPA

March 04, 2014

A Movie Review of MAPA

What does one do after a serious break-up?

By Eydie Mendoza While working as a children’s television show director, he had suppressed his dream of being a filmmaker, so he shot short films with a floundering plan to make a short film diary. Most clips contain, his ex-girlfriend Ainhoa so his inspiration was stumped. Then he loses his job.

Jobless and broken hearted, 37-year-old Elías León Siminiani listens to 90s music, in search for a time where he felt invincible as a youth. 


In MAPA, a film by León Siminiani (Spanish and English with English subtitles), the comedic hopeless romantic, travels to India in 2008 to make his movie called Donde. Camcorder in hand, he backpacks through India inspired his friend, Luna. 1_STILL_MAPA_The keen cinematography and split screen scenes capture this man’s lonely journey unlike any other documentary. Coincidentally the short films create a beautiful diary if his search for companionship and finding himself. From the moment he lands in India, he attempts to drown out the hustle and bustle by listening to his iPod. After overcoming vertigo, he struggles between reason and emotions, filming buildings and people. Only six weeks into his trip, he realizes that he is lonely and obsesses with finding love, a female travel partner. While he encounters some self-rewarding moments on a plane, in the trains, in the mountains, and in the city, he continually asks, “¿Podria ser ella mi compañera? Experience the humbling clips of a man running through a monsoon, another swimming in the Ganges, a child’s innocent joy of seeing himself on camera, the poverty and architecture. It is natural to identify with the director, in these shared moments of self-discovery. Throughout his travels León Siminiani struggles between his inner busy and calm extremes, and when he is on the verge of embracing an answer, he returns to Spain in search of Luna. His intent is to return to India with her by his side to finish his film. Learn what happens when he returns Madrid. This humorous film about the journey of self-discovery is a must see with friends and family.

The first showing is on Wed, Mar. 5, 2014 at 2:30 PM at Camera 12 - Screen 10. leon siminiani

"’MAPA’premiered last November at the Festival de Cine Europeo de Sevilla, where won the prize to the Best European Documentary. Then travelled to international film festivals such as IDFA, Mar del Plata, Festival du Cinéma Espagnol de Nantes, was opening film in Cali Int. Film Festival, among others. We have been also nominated as Best Documentary in the Goya (Spanish Film Academy) Awards.” http://www.cinequest.org/  

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