I Am a Director: Movie Review

February 27, 2013

I Am a Director: Movie Review

At the 23rd Annual Cinequest Film Festival running Feb 26 through March 10 LAUGHS LAUGHS - Don't take life too seriously What do you get when you cross ROCKY with THE OFFICE? You get a hilarious Puerto Rican send-up film called I Am a Director by Director Javier Colon Rios and starring Carlos Marchand and Joa Tous. In one funny scene, Carlos (the protagonist) describes his unmade film as having the colors of The Matrix and the camera movement of Memento. (What? Yes, it is that zany at times) By Jose Posadas I Am a Director (in Spanish with English subtitles) tells the story of Carlos (Carlos Marchand) a wannabe director whose complete (not to mention  unbalanced) enamoration of all that is Hollywood sets him off on a mission to create the best Hollywood picture ever made… in Puerto Rico. CQFF23_1000x316_IAmADirector_02 Filmed in the style of The Office and other mockumenataries, Carlos, aided by producer/friend/love interest Joa (Joa Tous), set out on their mis-adventure in producing their very first film. The laughs in this film are quick and constant throughout this film beginning with the scenes of Carlos and Joa going on a sales pitch to promote their film to potential investors despite the fact they have no script and no measurable experience in film making. As he speaks to one possible investor Carlos boasts about his experience living in Hollywood for all of two years and proudly states that his film will be made in English. Which is probably not with his Spanish-speaking potential investor wants to hear. Early in the journey of making his film Carlos realizes the challenges in making his dream come true, from having to raise money, to getting permission to film on location as well as the film festival circuit he must undertake to promote his still undeveloped film. Faced with such seemingly insurmountable obstacles he likens himself to the Rocky Balboa of filmmakers. In one scene, captured by their documentarian, Carlos admits, “I have no actors, I have no story, no money.. I have nothing”, yet ever the eternal optimist (or fool, take your pick) Carlos, channeling his inner Scarlett O’hara, proclaims, “I will get it done!”


Delivered with deadpan seriousness Carlos (the actor) gives a memorable performance as the ill-fated director. His costar Joa is equally as funny as she is beautiful.  She too delivers a wonderful comic performance both touching and sweet. Real Director Javier Colon Rios does a marvelous job in telling the story of his protagonist as well as providing  genius comic touches like inserting quotes from both real and fictitious people (including himself) throughout the film.  The final credits (bloopers) and ending trailer are worth the price of admission alone- DON’T LEAVE YOUR SEATS OR YOU MAY MISS MAYBE THE FUNNIEST SCENES OF THE ENTIRE MOVIE! Those who see this film will not be disappointed and you will find yourself cheering Carlos on and laughing your kidney off along the way. To see the most current full lineup of films, ticket information and event schedule go to www.cinequest.org I Am a Director will be shown Thurs 2/28 9:30pm and Mon 3/4 4:00pm

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