Are You On The Fast Track From Burnout to Scorch Out?

October 21, 2013

By Santalynda Marrero, Ed A client asked me to speak to at a women’s conference on the topic of managing stress. As I prepared, I found some interesting data that highlighted the risks of high stress especially for Latina women.  So here I am walking on the beach, no kidding, and finding that there is an imperative to share my thoughts on stress with other “fire breathing women/mujeres que respiran fuego”™ who are as passionate and driven as I am. Tending to your fire, as I call it, is critical as we drive so hard that we go from burnout to scorch out as we climb in our careers and try to life blend.  The balancing act is no more. female torch-LoRez What occurs to me is to begin with who we are as Latinas and what we generally share within our diversity of cultures and professions.  We are passionate truly, high achieving, assertive, if not aggressive, successful and ambitious women who are willing to compete and succeed.  As such we need to pay particular attention to our wellness on our way to wanting it all. After 20 years in the corporate and healthcare worlds and 18 years in my consulting business, I have some insights to share. To read more please click on this PDF link: Stress Article

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