Celebrating History: Katty Coulson, First Latina Board President of RMHC Bay Area, Paving the Way for Inclusivity and Growth

January 11, 2024

Celebrating History: Katty Coulson, First Latina Board President of RMHC Bay Area, Paving the Way for Inclusivity and Growth

We at Silicon Valley Latino are excited to share that in a landmark decision for Ronald McDonald House Charities Bay Area (RMHC Bay Area), SVL Advisory Board Member, Katty Coulson, has been appointed as the new Board President, marking the first time a Latina Leader assumes this role for one of the largest RMHC chapters. A trailblazing technology executive, Coulson, who has been one of our longest Advisory Board Members and collaborators, brings her wealth of experience to lead RMHC Bay Area during a period of regional growth for the organization.

Coulson's journey with RMHC Bay Area began in 2021 when she joined the board, recommended by a mentor who recognized her as the ideal fit for the position. As the first Latina in this role, Coulson is poised to make a significant impact, drawing upon her cultural identity to enhance representation and inclusivity. With approximately 36% of RMHC Bay Area families being Latino, Coulson has played a vital role in fostering deeper connections with the diverse communities the organization serves.


Expressing her commitment, Coulson stated, "Serving RMHC Bay Area as its Board President is the highest call for community service I have ever had. My goal is to serve, lead, and learn; helping the organization achieve our mission to be there for every family with a sick child when and where they need it most throughout their medical journey."

Coulson's dedication extends to the expansion of RMHC Bay Area's impact, especially in the newly inaugurated Ronald McDonald House Oakland. She aims to introduce innovation to elevate families' experiences and improve access to life-changing programs. Emphasizing her role as a Latina Leader in the Silicon Valley technology sector, Coulson highlights the importance of representing underrepresented minorities.

Laura Boudreau, CEO of RMHC Bay Area, expressed excitement about Coulson's appointment, stating, "Given her influence in Silicon Valley and beyond, and her deep understanding of the people we serve, her leadership will be pivotal in our expansion campaign to support even more families."


The team at RMHC Bay Area looks forward to Katty Coulson's tenure as Board President, confident that her leadership will contribute significantly to the organization's mission of providing comfort and support to sick children and their families.

On behalf of the Silicon Valley Latino community, we congratulate Katty on this truly significant appointment.


Read the full Press Release on RMHC's Website => https://rmhcbayarea.org/katty-coulson-appointed-as-new-board-president/


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