Cyber Lantern - Making Security Monitoring Accessible and Affordable for SMBs

November 13, 2020

Cyber Lantern - Making Security Monitoring Accessible and Affordable for SMBs

Digital Lantern Presents Its Newest Security Service and XDR Platform, Cyber Lantern- Making Security Monitoring Accessible and Affordable for SMBs

Cyber Lantern provides a simplified and affordable security services for the SMB market space to provide asset visibility, threat detection, and task prioritization- using state of the art analytics, contextual alerts, and SOC process automation.


Digital Lantern is introducing Cyber Lantern; an Extended Detection and Monitoring (XDR) Service backed by its own proprietary XDR Platform.  Cyber Lantern leverages Big Data Analytics and AI-driven analytic correlations to help provide visibility into the SMB environment, by prioritizing threats, vulnerabilities, security events, and other tasks to maintain optimal security levels at scale. Cyber Lantern is focused on providing cybersecurity to SMBs, Local Governments, and Defense Contractors, a heavily underserved market in cybersecurity due to lack of accessibility to good products and resources. 

The Digital Lantern co-founders have worked together for over 15 years on developing and operating cybersecurity Big Data Platforms for many organizations within the Department of Defense (DoD). With a great understanding of the cyber landscape, and the threats posed to national security, the Digital Lantern team feels it is part of their moral responsibility to help fast track SMBs to embrace cybersecurity as a regular part of their business strategy and operations. Marcela Denniston, co-founder and an ex-NSA analyst said the greatest value of their business is the team they have built. 


“Our team has always worked tirelessly to provide innovative solutions for cybersecurity in some of the most complex cyber environments. When you work with the government, you are looking at petabytes of data and millions of endpoints. This is no small task for any team and requires extensive subject after expertise and a very cohesive team that can quickly react and respond to the rapidly changing threats posed by hackers globally. We operate as a Fusion Team that focuses on streamlining data analytics and correlations so we can remain hyper-focused on driving down costs to meet the needs of the SMB markets that need security the most.”


Complexity is the enemy of security in the SMB market

The adoption of digital transformation across businesses has created increased complexity for how businesses operate on the internet. The introduction of cloud infrastructures for improved availability, the increased use of Software as a Service (SaaS) and the newly adopted acceptance of mobile and smart devices have made previously defined security perimeters and controls difficult to define, yet alone manage. This new method of implementing IT environments vastly improves the speed and accessibility of business objectives; however, it also increases the complexity of establishing security measures that are often managed by non-security professionals.

“At the end of the day, if you are expecting your IT administrators to plan and manage all your cybersecurity needs, you are setting yourself up for failure. Security is a specialized field and requires more in-depth training and understanding that goes beyond managing the network.”


Unfortunately, having a specialized team isn't always an option for SMBs who don’t have the time and/or resources to implement cybersecurity. For SMBs, the complexity of security is much higher. In a recent study, 62% of SMBs indicated they lacked the skills in house to deal with security and 52% felt helpless to defend themselves from cyber-attacks. And while SMBs lack the ability to implement their own effective cyber strategies, they still continue to be a top target for hackers, with over 67% of SMBs being the target of a cyber-attack in 2019, with costs of between $60K-$3M to the company attacked. The Fact of the matter is that SMBs radiate vulnerability. 

“This is why we created Cyber Lantern. We believe protecting US SMBs and their supply chains is crucial to the security of our nation. SMBs are often targeted because they are perceived as less sophisticated and more vulnerable, and many attackers know that these organizations offer crucial hop points to bigger opportunities as well.” 

With Cyber Lantern, security no longer wastes time trying to figure out “What should I be looking for, and what can I do about it?” Instead, Cyber Lantern dramatically improves workflow by providing 24x7 detection and monitoring of potential breaches to business IT environments. Cyber Lantern creates prioritized task lists driven by innovative technology that discovers your assets, categorizes their criticality, associates them to known vulnerabilities, and correlates them to alerts triggered in the business systems. This ensures that the most critical security concerns are being addressed rapidly and continuously 365 days a year, without the heavy cost of hiring an entire security team.

Cyber Lantern

Cyber Lantern aims to remove the complexity and high cost of security for SMBs by providing snapshots of current company risk scores and prioritized action items that are aimed to help identify what action needs to be taken first along with how to continuously improve your security posture. We apply Big Data Analytics across all small business environments to provide fast, efficient, and relevant results on the security issues that are important to your business needs. Once your data is ingested, it is enriched and cross-correlated with other data sets, threats affecting other small businesses, and personalized environment structures. This information is then presented as a customized and prioritized task list of which actions should be taken first in order to minimize the amount of time your business spends on trying to understand security threats.

“Cyber Lantern provides a guided understanding of your IT environment, security alerts, posture, and how to improve those without breaking the bank, because we believe everyone deserves to feel their business is secure.”  

-Marcela Denniston, CISSP : Co-Founder of Digital Lantern, and President of Digital Lantern's Commercial Solution, Cyber Lantern


With Cyber Lantern, SMBs can have access to an “enterprise-level” security monitoring service and platform at an affordable cost. No longer should your business have to live in the darkness of the cyber realm. Contact Cyber Lantern today to get started.



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