Joe Poni - Paying it forward!

June 10, 2021

Joe Poni - Paying it forward!

It’s a sincere pleasure to publish this article featuring one of our key collaborators, business partners, and one of our #CreoEnTi Business Ambassadors, Joe Poni. 

Joe has been working with us as our principal cinematographer, director of photography, and project manager for our video production projects for almost six years. He is a highly committed individual to supporting the Latino community and the mission of Silicon Valley Latino. Joe is also a George and Evelyn Stein High School alumnus. For several years now, he returns to his alma mater and visits in his free time to lead dream discovery workshops and entrepreneurial seminars for students. Every graduation, he presents the Joe Poni Scholarship to a student with community involvement and academic achievement.

Before arriving at Stein, Joe was expelled twice from his first High school. At Stein High School, Joe was able to find a supportive environment that allowed him to thrive in a manner that wasn’t previously available. By the time he graduated from George and Evelyn Stein, he was awarded seven scholarships. It is his pleasure and honor to pay it forward and serve his local community, especially the next generation of emerging leaders.

He is also the filmmaker for our collaborative documentary project "CAMPESINOS: America's Unsung Heroes" which we will complete this summer and if that wasn't enough he has also recently published a best-selling book "Follow Your Curiosity: The uncharted path to your success".

We invite you to follow Joe via his social media channels and the work we do collectively for our community.

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