MaCo Vineyards: Cultivating the American Dream in Napa Valley

February 19, 2024

MaCo Vineyards: Cultivating the American Dream in Napa Valley

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that MaCo Vineyards has joined us as our first Creo En Ti Business Ambassador in 2024! Why is this important you may ask.

As a social impact venture, Silicon Valley Latino was created to exclusively publish and promote positive content about the Latino community in order to combat all of the negative stereotypes that are constantly perpetuated through mainstream platforms. Creo En Ti Business Ambassadors like MaCo Vineyards are incredibly important because through their support, they say "SVL we believe in you and what you do for our community. They are also demonstrating that they believe in our community and that despite all of the challenges that we face we are still capable, ambitious, and worthy of empowering platforms like SVL. 

For generations, the family has tended to the fertile soils of Napa Valley with unwavering dedication. Since 1972, they've immersed themselves in the art of sustainable farming, nurturing their land to produce wines that capture the very essence of this renowned region.


In 2009, a visionary partnership emerged between Roberto Corona and Jesus Maciel, driven by a shared ambition to elevate Napa Valley's viticulture. Roberto's expertise in vineyard management, combined with Jesus' profound passion for wine, laid the foundation for what would become MaCo Vineyards. With a commitment to crafting wines from their own meticulously cultivated fruit, they embarked on a journey to share their creations with friends and family alike.

In 2013, their labor of love bore fruit as they unveiled their inaugural estate-grown wine. Since then, they've been humbled by the warm embrace of wine enthusiasts, allowing them to expand their production and share their wines with an ever-growing audience. At MaCo Vineyards, they view their journey not just as a pursuit of excellence but as a testament to the American Dream – a dream fueled by passion, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to craft.

Nestled on 49 acres along the prestigious Silverado Trail in the Oak Knoll District, MaCo Vineyards enjoys a truly privileged position. Here, the convergence of oceanic influences from the nearby San Pablo Bay and the mountainous terrain of the Vaca and Mayacamas Mountain Ranges creates a tapestry of microclimates ideal for grape cultivation. The gentle caress of the Napa River, which borders their estate, further enriches their terroir, extending growing seasons and imparting a unique character to their wines.

Their commitment to sustainability extends beyond the vineyard, shaping every aspect of their winemaking process. From vine to bottle, they strive to minimize their environmental footprint while maximizing the expression of their terroir. The result? Wines that not only reflect the land from which they hail but also embody the passion and dedication of those who craft them.


At MaCo Vineyards, they invite wine enthusiasts to join them on this journey – a journey fueled by a love for the land, a reverence for tradition, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Together, let us raise a glass to the enduring spirit of Napa Valley and the timeless art of winemaking.

As a Creo En Ti Business Ambassador, MaCo Vineyards will enjoy unparalleled visibility across our various platforms, including our SVL social media platforms, the SVL website, weekly newsletter, and our latest initiative ShopLatino.Market (our Latino business directory).

But that's not all! MaCo Vineyards will also have the opportunity to collaborate with us on empowering initiatives like Inspire Higher, College Declaration Day, and the Latino Leaders Fireside Chat Series and more.

Now, here's where YOU come in: We're calling on all Latino-owned businesses to join our movement!

Together, let's highlight and promote the incredible talent, creativity, and dedication of our community including Latino entrepreneurs, across the USA. By becoming a Creo En Ti Business Ambassador, you'll not only elevate your business but also contribute to a community-driven mission of empowerment and support.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to be part of something truly special. 

We invite you to visit and support MaCo Vineyards.  Visit them at their tasting room in Napa, order their exceptional wines, become a club member, and bring them out to your next corporate event.

Also, to learn more and become a Creo En Ti Business Ambassador, contact us or reach out to Alex or Sergio directly.

We thank you for being part of our community of progressive and action-oriented Latino that uplift our community of Latino entrepreneurs, dreamers, professionals and beyond! 

In collaborative spirit,

The SVL Team

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