Prósperos Powers Up with $3M Seed Funding to Revolutionize Latino Finances

June 10, 2024

Prósperos Powers Up with $3M Seed Funding to Revolutionize Latino Finances

Congratulations to Salvador Chavez, CEO of Prósperos and one of our newest SVL Advisory Board Members, on the tremendous achievement of securing $3 million in seed funding. This milestone represents a significant step forward in empowering the Latino financial future. Prósperos, founded by Vinay Pai and Salvador Chavez in 2023, is dedicated to transforming the financial landscape for millions of Latinos by providing a modern, low-cost, and secure financial platform that facilitates international remittances and financial management.


The funding round saw contributions from prominent investors, including FEBE Ventures, BAT VC, Tekton Ventures, Courtyard Ventures, and various technology executives. The Prósperos platform is set to revolutionize how families in the USA and Latin America handle their finances by offering innovative solutions that replace the costly and slow traditional money-transfer methods. This platform includes features such as dual bank accounts and cards for users in the USA and their family members in Latin America, ensuring that funds are accessible within seconds (TMCnet ) (Venture Capital Access Online).


Salvador Chavez's vision and leadership have been instrumental in this success, and this new funding will enable Prósperos to roll out its financial services in the coming weeks, meeting the strong demand already observed. Your dedication to enhancing financial accessibility and prosperity for the Latino community is truly commendable. Congratulations again on this outstanding achievement, Salvador!


Read the full press release here

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