Evelyn Brito leads the Bodega Makover Series!

March 18, 2020

Evelyn Brito leads the Bodega Makover Series!

We are excited to highlight and promote Evelyn Brito who joins us a #CreoEnTi Ambassador once again! Read all about her and her series below!

Evelyn Brito is the Executive Producer of the web series Bodega Makeover. The first episode highlights the Vega Family in Roxbury, MA. The web series goal is to travel city to city to find bodegas in need and will soon be featured on Amazon Prime. 


The Bodega Makeover, similar to Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Hotel Impossible and This Old House, is a docu-reality web series highlighting the story of bodega owners. The Bodega Makeover's use of storytelling motivates community organizations and corporate sponsors to participate in a bodega transformation. The end game is not just to tell the stories of Hispanic and Urban communities, but to also promote healthier options.

Evelyn’s "aha moment" started with her daughter who was two at the time and a very picky eater. “She really took to eating vegetables.  So she went to visit a few bodegas in the area, and couldn’t find any fresh vegetables or fruit.” Evelyn asked the bodegas, “Why don’t you have any fresh fruits and vegetables here?” Growing up having her father and family working in bodegas she heard an answer that resonated throughout her life, “Our Bodega lacks the resources needed to provide healthier food options.” In that moment Evelyn decided to break the cycle, her daughter’s generation faces, and made it her mission to tell the bodega story.


When Evelyn pitched the idea of a bodega web series, people laughed at her vision. She’s not waiting for Hollywood to tell her story. She’s creating her own path, and The Bodega Makeover is one step on that journey!

Bodega Makeover - Roxbury, MA from Evelyn on Vimeo.



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