SVL Collegiate Cultura Ambassador

Silicon Valley Latino

What is a Collegiate Cultura Ambassador? A Collegiate Cultura Ambassador is what we call our official Silicon Valley Latino community collegiate members. Your next question is probably, why become a member? It's a way to demonstrate support for the work that we do through Silicon Valley Latino. Besides the feeling good about supporting the work of Silicon Valley Latino, what’s in it for Collegiate Cultura Ambassadors? We offer the following benefits:

  • Become part of a rapidly growing community of upwardly mobile, progressive thinking Latinos and power players from companies like Cisco, SGI, Google, Intel, etc...
  • Receive invitations to SVL and SVL strategic partner events
  • Receive our newsletter which contains the latest relevant information about our community
  • Branding Most importantly, we will help you establish & cultivate your professional brand through our platforms (SVL online magazine, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc....) and with our Audiences. 

We also welcome collegiate guest bloggers looking to establish and build their portfolio.

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