Ayudando Latinos A Soñar (ALAS) recognized as Nonprofit of the Year!

July 03, 2023

Ayudando Latinos A Soñar (ALAS) recognized as Nonprofit of the Year!


Amidst the vibrant atmosphere of Silicon Valley, where innovation and progress intersect, there's an overwhelming sense of pride and excitement as we, Silicon Valley Latino, are excited to share that our friends at  Ayudando Latinos A Soñar (ALAS) have been recognized as the 2023 California Nonprofit of the Year. It's an honor to witness ALAS, a, Latina Led, social service nonprofit and farmworker advocacy organization rooted in Half Moon Bay, receiving this well-deserved recognition.

On California Nonprofits Day, Senator Josh Becker (D-San Mateo) and Assemblymember Marc Berman (D-Menlo Park) recognized Ayudando Latinos A Soñar (ALAS) as the 2023 California Nonprofit of the Year. ALAS is a social service nonprofit and farmworker advocacy organization based in Half Moon Bay. The organization was honored alongside 114 other nonprofits selected by legislators statewide at a luncheon held at the State Capitol.

Senator Becker expressed his pleasure in jointly choosing ALAS as the Nonprofit of the Year with Assemblymember Berman. He commended ALAS for its dedication to supporting farmworkers and families, addressing concerns such as living conditions, mental wellness, economic prosperity, and broadband access. Senator Becker also highlighted the organization's collaborative efforts, including the establishment of a mobile resource center called the Farmworker Equity Express to expand services to farms and ranches. He praised ALAS for embodying the best of California, including vision, compassion, activism, hard work, humility, and a passion for social justice.

Assemblymember Berman acknowledged ALAS as a longstanding leader on the Coastside, working with organizations and public agencies to provide services to farmworkers and their families. He emphasized ALAS's response to the mass shooting that affected the farmworker community in Half Moon Bay, where the organization stepped up to support and care for the grieving community. Assemblymember Berman recognized the integral role of farmworkers in the San Mateo Coastside community and expressed gratitude to the ALAS team for their dedicated and compassionate service.

The California Association of Nonprofits annually provides state legislators with an opportunity to recognize exceptional nonprofits, showcasing the diversity and vibrancy of the California nonprofit community. The honored organizations address various issues, ranging from homelessness and health to workers' rights, education, the arts, and the environment.

ALAS has been serving the farmworker community in North San Mateo County Coast for almost 10 years, focusing on cross-cultural collaboration and fostering special relationships among farmworker families. Senator Becker and Assemblymember Berman also plan to celebrate ALAS with a local event in the district later this year.  Stay tuned for ALAS's 10 Year Anniversary Community Celebration this September. 


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