Ivan Reyes released "Dedicado"

March 04, 2019

Ivan Reyes released

On February 16th, Silicon Valley Latino had the pleasure to support one of its most talented, dynamic, artistic and charismatic Cultura Ambassadors, Ivan Reyes, as Templo Records hosted a release party for "Dedicado." The release party was held at Dragons Production Theatre in Redwood City. It was a delight to see a standing room only crowd as the community came out to support Ivan on this special day. Dedicado is absolutely rhythmic and it incorporates various elements of contemporary urban Latino music as well as great vocals from various featured artists. We must also highlight that Ivan is one of those truly rare talents, a trifecta if you will as the CD is produced, written, and performed by him. 
"This album was a representation of me as a creator absolutely having fun with music and embracing my roots to my Latin culture. Every song started with a simple Latin rhythm and lyrics that came from personal memory that I felt would make an interesting soundtrack to a story. The album title “Dedicado” takes on a double meaning for me. In English, this translates to “dedicated,” which is what I have been to this music industry for the past 15 years as a music producer only. The release date was also my 30th B-day and it was a great time to showcase what embracing and finding your voice behind the microphone really means. The second meaning to the title was the simple fact that I wanted to dedicate a project to those around me that I love and continue to make life a beautiful journey for me. My goal with this project is to continue to inspire those who are in the fields of creative arts, to continue to push through the obstacles to find their true unique voice and share their stories, music, and art with the world. I want people to know that it’s never too late to get creative and find your passion. Most importantly, I want my local fans to know that someone that looks like them and shares a similar upbringing is happy to represent us and keep bringing the light to all the local talent that deserves the world’s attention." Ivan Reyes.
We recommend getting this great CD as it has a little of everything, it's available via iTunes, Spotify, and Youtube.  Happy listening, happy dancing!

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