Mexican American Vintners Association (MAVA) La Cosecha 11th Annual Grand Tasting

August 01, 2023

Mexican American Vintners Association (MAVA) La Cosecha 11th Annual Grand Tasting

Ay caramba! The story behind the Mexican American Vintners Association (MAVA) is as delightful as a sip of fine wine! Picture this: a picturesque colonial-era hotel courtyard in México, where destiny beckoned a group of vintners from Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley. It was May 2010, and they were invited by the Governor of Michoacán to showcase their wines at the Michoacán State Fair. Little did they know that this gathering would spark the idea of a lifetime!

Over those enchanting days in Morelia, amidst pouring wine and merry making, a magical bond formed between the vintners. Ideas flowed like the finest vintages, and a newfound respect blossomed amongst them. The Governor's events and interactions with industry leaders revealed a hidden treasure—a craving for wines produced by Mexican American vintners! The pride of their shared heritage, showcased by the representatives of Morelia, ignited a spark in their hearts.

Their realization was crystal clear—it was time for an association to celebrate their common history and heritage, to unleash the full potential of their roots both in México and the United States. The vintners knew they held a special place in the hearts of Mexican Americans, one of the fastest-growing wine consumer groups in the U.S. And so, the seeds of MAVA were sown.

With the taste of success fresh in their mouths from the México trip, they knew it was their duty to create an organization that would not only promote their wines but also serve as a beacon of inspiration and support for the next generation of Mexican American winemakers and winery professionals. They felt a strong sense of responsibility to honor the contributions of farm workers who had toiled to make the wine industry thrive.


After months of heart-to-heart discussions and numerous meetings, MAVA was born—more vibrant and flavorful than a bottle of aged wine. Now, each year, they gather for the much-awaited Mexican American Vintners Association La Cosecha Event & this year the 11th Annual Grand Tasting Event awaits us, where cultures blend, dreams flourish, and fine wines flow like poetry in a glass. So, get your tickets and join us in raising your glass and toast to the spirit of unity, heritage, and the passion that binds these vintners, our culture and our comunidad together like the tight knit familia we are!

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¡Salud y viva la Cosecha! 🍷🎉

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