ATAX Franchise - #CreoEnTi Business Ambassador

April 19, 2019

ATAX Franchise - #CreoEnTi Business Ambassador

We are proud to present our newest #CreoEnTi Business Ambassador ATAX Franchise, Inc. ATAX is a full-service national tax preparation and business services franchise. They are proud of the fact that they are 100% Latino-owned, and that they serve clients in both English and Spanish.

From humble beginnings and helping his dad with his food and ice cream truck to now managing a nationwide, fast-growing bookkeeping and tax preparation franchise.

As a child growing up in Denver, CO Arthur Garcia quickly learned the importance of hard work and the struggles of entrepreneurship. His parents ran an ice cream truck, a food truck and later a full-service restaurant and catering business.

Arthur was their at their side not by choice, but because it was the family business and everyone was expected to contribute. During his formative years he did not fully appreciate the life lessons nor enjoy the experience as much as he does today. Who knew that keeping the books for his parents' business would lead to recognition by CPA Practice Advisor as a 2018 Top 20 Under 40 Professional in the Accounting Industry?

"Running a family-owned business shaped me and fueled the passion I have for helping small businesses with their financial operations."

As President of ATAX Franchise, he is in a position to help accountants, bookkeepers and tax professionals run their practice so that their clients get the most value from the relationship.

"Accounting professionals are one of the most trusted advisors both individuals and business owners have, we know the numbers and are expected to offer guidance and support."

This is a huge responsibility and at ATAX he is surrounded by a talented team that is dedicated to ensuring the franchise owners are equipped with the best tools to deliver the services and resources their clients expect.

ATAX is an award-winning franchise founded by Rafael Alvarez, who started the business in 1986 in the Washington Heights neighborhood in New York. After starting with $200, 2 computers and a fax machine, the company became one of the largest tax preparation providers in New York.

In 2007, Mr. Alvarez launched ATAX Franchise, Inc, and began expanding along the East Coast of the US with a focus on serving the needs of the Latino community.

In 2015, Rafael was recognized by the International Franchise Association (IFA) as the recipient of the Ronald E. Harrison Diversity Award for his work and contributions to the industry and his community. Latino-owned Franchisors are few and Arthur is proud to work alongside this pioneer and trailblazer.

"Accounting is the international language of business and with entrepreneurship rates of Latinos in the US increasing 46% faster than non-Latinos, it is crucial that they are served by a trusted advisor to help them scale."

There is a significant need in the market for proactive advisory and an up-to-date set of books. It has been Arthur’s experience over the last 15 years of working with accounting professionals that most are using outdated systems and processes, to serve their clients.

Arthur says "At ATAX, we use the latest technology and tools to automate basic business tasks so that we have more time to spend advising our clients."


Why Franchise? Arthur has seen in the Latino accounting professional space that there is a misconception in the value of franchising. The focus has been put on the name on the sign above the office and the fees associated.

"With over 745,000 franchise businesses (and growing) in the US in 2018, it is clear that following a proven system works and can help anyone start a profitable business."


ATAX strives to have Franchise owners feel like owners who uphold standards and not employees forced to follow rules. They are different from other franchises in the space because they are open year-round and serve both individuals and businesses.

"We believe that all businesses should get the most from their accounting and tax professional and that we strive to mirror our clients and the diverse backgrounds they represent and languages they speak. Somos ATAX!"     


Visit them at to find an office near you or for information about franchise opportunities.              

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