#CreoEnTi Business Ambassador - Active Auto Body Shop

December 10, 2020 1 Comment

#CreoEnTi Business Ambassador - Active Auto Body Shop

Active Auto Body Shop
Collision Repair Specialist, Making Friends by Accident! tm 


Meet the Escudero brothers, Eduardo and Javier, the proud owners of Active Auto Body Shop in Sunnyvale, California. They have worked in the car collision repair industry for nearly two decades and admit that being owner/operators during a world-wide pandemic was not something they could have ever prepared for.

Lucky for them, the entrepreneurial spirit runs deep in their veins and they have managed to keep their doors open during the last 9 months. Staying compliant with all the new health directives in Santa Clara County.

Born in Mexico City, the Escudero brothers grew up close. Javier is five years older and immigrated to the US at age 25. Eduardo followed one year later. Fascinated by cars since they were young boys, they learned first-hand how to assemble and replace parts.

Little did they know that what started out as a fun hobby and a challenge for the teens, would eventually lead to a life-long career doing something they absolutely loved, restoring cars and making people happy. As Javier reminds us, back then they did not have YouTube to rely upon. They simply had to figure it out by themselves. It was an early lesson for the brothers that hard work and perseverance pays off.

Raised by two parents who believed in empowering their sons to think independently. It was their father whose entrepreneurial spirit resonated with his sons. He was a self employed business owner and their role model. Eduardo and Javier grew up knowing that one-day they would own their own business like their dad.

Active Auto Body has a nearly perfect rating on Yelp and their online customer testimonials also agree. That’s no easy achievement. Customers have access to online forums and social media and immediate feedback -good or bad- can prove to be challenging for some small businesses.

Thankfully, Eduardo and Javier have created an atmosphere of professionalism and trust. Customers appreciate their good listening skills, clear communications, and honest assessments of their vehicle repairs. It’s not rocket science yet, wouldn’t you rather have someone working on your vehicle that truly cares? They have even trademarked their website motto, “Making friends by accident!” Clever.

Accolades aside, the truth is cars are more complicated than ever. Being on top of technological features in every vehicle is challenging. At Active Auto Body, all technicians are certified to work on dozens of different models and have the necessary equipment to do so.

Since vehicles now are lighter in weight, aluminum panels are now installed instead of the older heavier ones. As Eduardo points out, cars have new sensors and more electronics and calibrations. Each car repair requires the re-calibration of those sensors. One of our main goals is to always stay on top of the technology. He and his brother share this opinion.

Something precious about the Escudero story is that both brothers married sisters. Javier is married to Sandra and Eduardo is married to her sister, Karen. They met years ago in Mexico City and it is quite the love story. Oh, and they also each have two children.

Eduardo and Javier would like the public to know that they are a family owned busines that appreciates their customers and their community. They understand that being in an car accident is one of the most stressful times in a persons life, affecting the vehicle owner, their family, and quite possibly their career. When you trust your vehicle repairs to Active Auto Body they guarantee their work.

Like their motto, they want to make friends and life-long customers should you need future repairs. The Escudero brothers represent successful, small business owners in the Latino community and we welcome them aboard the Silicon Valley Latino family


Written by: Belinda Quesada

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Daniel Jimenez
Daniel Jimenez

January 02, 2021

Such a nice article about perseverance, hard, honest work to build a business and create a loyal customer base and raise a nice family.

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