"Follow Your Curiosity" Book Launch

September 11, 2020

30 million people are currently unemployed. It is time to refocus re-calibrate and re-imagine your possibilities. Author and inspirational speaker, Joe Poni has just published a truly timely best-selling book, “Follow Your Curiosity”. His book is a call to courageously explore, discover, and experience your own path in relation to your career and calling by helping you:

* Identify and cultivate your greatest curiosities

* Strategically help you turn your interest into opportunities

* Spark your inner genius

* Provide your unique value to the marketplace

* Disrupt the status quo

* And so much more

Follow your Curiosity equips and guides readers with strategy sessions and proven methods to ignite and revitalize their professional and curious aspirations in today’s world. This book is a must-read for anyone who is feeling stuck or yearns for new opportunities to transform the world around them – just by following their curiosity. 

Poni is seasoned inspirational speaker, brand consultant and a revivalist. He is also the founder and owner of Experior Media, a video production company in Silicon Valley. In the past decade, Joe has partnered with California high schools teaching career discovery and hosting dream development workshops. When he's not filming or speaking, Joe enjoys going to comic stores, watching movies, and playing Sega Genesis with his son.

Silicon Valley Latino has had the pleasure of partnering with Joe and Experior Media on numerous projects. Joe and his crew have become an integral part of the SVL team and for the past four years this collaboration has offered a winning formula to many tech, corporate, small business and non-profit clients. Silicon Valley Latino is delighted to welcome him as one of our latest Creo En Ti Business Ambassadors! We look forward to following his trajectory and publish regular updates on the work that he leads.

Order your copy here => https://amzn.to/3mc8Ytc



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