Pepito's Paletas - #CreoEnTi Business Ambassador

March 07, 2019

Pepito's Paletas - #CreoEnTi Business Ambassador


We are excited to share with you our most delectable #CreoEnTi Business Ambassador, Pepito's Paletas, a catering company that makes Traditional Mexican Artisan Paletas, made with 100% Fruit and Sweetened Agave Honey - all-natural ingredients, no artificial flavors, no additives; all natural.


“MADE TODAY TO ENJOY TODAY” is the slogan because everything tastes better when it’s made fresh and eaten fresh.


From generation to generation, Nancy Rosale’s Family have kept a tradition alive by serving mouth-watering homemade paletas just like abuelita used to make them.  The superb quality with the unique and decadent fruits picked daily, and abuelitas recipes have been the inspiration behind the startup.

Pepito is well known for fresh paletas, but they are also distinguished by Pepito’s 8-hour Frozen Signature Box, making catering a fun and smooth experience.

Pepito’s Paletas has innovated a new way of showcasing paletas. Traditionally, paletas are inside a pushcart, but for Pepito’s, it was about seeing the fresh product, experiencing the colors and the variety of flavors all at a glance. This evolution sought to give customers the ultimate catering experience of not merely an exchange but feeling as close as possible to the creation process of the fresh paletas.

In 2010, when the Rosales sisters had a hard time figuring out how to deliver the product without freezers because they drove around in a Smart Car, they decided to sit down and start designing the Pepito Box, so that the product could be anywhere at any time without melting. It had never crossed their minds that this box would be a huge hit for people on-the-go and for catering events.

The box has been a big hit for corporations like Facebook and Google, and now you can order Fresh Paletas online for all types of events such as weddings, big corporate parties, dessert socials, and outdoor activities.

Pepito’s Paletas are made from 100% real fruit, and they use Agave Honey as a natural sweetener.

Don't be surprised if Pepito’s Paletas is awarded an Innovation Award for their signature box, as they were granted an Innovation Award in 2008 for their real-life mascot that walked the streets sharing fresh paletas.

Tell us what you think about the new innovation, and share with your friends Pepito’s Paletas!

Swoon in the tradition and order today!

They are our founder's favorite paletas.


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