Dr. Madeleine Wallace: Empowering Small Businesses with the SEAM Framework for Digital Transformation

October 09, 2023

Dr. Madeleine Wallace: Empowering Small Businesses with the SEAM Framework for Digital Transformation

We here at SVL are excited to present our newest SVL Executive Cultura Ambassador, Dr Madeleine Wallace, who is leading the charge to support small businesses when it comes to digital transformation and IT infrastructure. 

“In today’s rapidly evolving digital business landscape, it's clear that small businesses face unique obstacles demanding specialized assistance. Unlike their larger corporate counterparts, they are frequently confronted with limited resources and dedicated IT infrastructure to navigate the complex world of digital transformation. This is precisely where an expert is needed to bridge this gap — someone with an intimate understanding of the specific requirements and constraints faced by small businesses and organizations, offering customized guidance to propel them toward business success.

One such leader who is doing so is SVL Executive Cultura Ambassador Dr. Madeleine Wallace.

Dr. Wallace is the founder of Windrose Vision, a consulting firm skilled in steering a vast range of projects across diverse industries, delivering strategic advice on scalability, sustainability, operational excellence, and data optimization. In a world where digital transformation is vital to success, her firm has emerged as a vital partner for government, non-profit, and commercial entities alike. 

In her earlier work, Dr. Wallace pioneered frameworks for evaluating organizational effectiveness and tailoring evidence-based solutions for diverse populations, with significant impact in fields like cardiovascular disease prevention education and interventions addressing the complex intersection of HIV, mental health, and substance use disorder (SUD). In her new book, 'The SEAM Framework,' she introduces an innovative framework, purpose-built for small organizations seeking digital transformation, bridging the gap left by tools primarily designed for larger entities."

Originally from Peru, she immigrated to the U.S. in 1986 where she excelled academically, and today is among a select group of foreign-born Latinas in the U.S.—less than 1%—who hold a doctorate degree. Today,

  • She mentors Latina women entrepreneurs,
  • Trains academic administrators whose work is focused on career development activities focused on graduate students or postdoctoral fellows at a scientific research-focused institution in the USA and Canada,
  • Conducts research to inform organizations and the federal government to develop programs that result in increasing underrepresented groups to pursue within Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and, Mathematics as well as biomedical fields. In addition, she has made monumental contributions to the realms of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion by using the SEAM framework to evaluate the effectiveness of these programs.


“The SEAM Framework” is a game-changing strategic tool,” says Dr. Wallace. “It is specifically crafted to empower small organizations on their digital transformation journeys. By enabling companies to assess their organizational performance, SEAM will pave the way for progress in crucial areas like healthcare and beyond."

Madeleine can be reached at www.windrosevision.com or via email at madeleine.wallace@windrosevision.com”

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