Eric Esparza - Cultura Ambassador

March 25, 2020

Eric Esparza - Cultura Ambassador

Eric Esparza, is 29 years old and incredibly happy to be a part of the SVL tribe! As a first-generation Mexican American, he was born in Fullerton, California before moving up to Oakland and San Leandro. With 2 brothers and incredibly hard-working parents, they were raised to go after their dreams. Their mother taught them that they can accomplish anything as long as they worked hard for it, and never let it go. 


So, after high school, Eric made the decision to pursue a career in the fire service. Luckily, his godfather was a Firefighter in Hayward, California at the time and was able to guide him throughout the process. It was during this time that he realized the emotional and psychological stress that comes with the journey of pursuing a career. 6 years after he made the decision, he was offered a full-time position in Oakland, California.   After earning a permanent position at his dream firehouse, he felt he wanted to create more for the community; even globally. He wanted to create something that could reach thousands and even millions of people around the world. Therefore, he drew on his experience and passion as a soccer coach to realize he could build a platform to help athletes create resumes to promote themselves within a social network - a LinkedIn for Sports Industry - which led him to found and launch Scout Cloud, Inc. in 2017. 


His passion to solve problems and improve systems at work encouraged him to go to business school and earn his MBA at California State University East Bay in 2019. The experience has been invaluable for Scout Cloud, but also furthered his understanding of internal processes within the Oakland Fire Department. 


Today, he is excited to join Silicon Valley Latino as a Cultura Ambassador to network and share some of his experiences with an amazing group of individuals!



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