Frank Sancho: A Technology Leader with a Passion for Innovation

March 04, 2024

Frank Sancho: A Technology Leader with a Passion for Innovation

Frank Sancho is a seasoned technology leader with over 27 years of experience in the IT industry. He is deeply committed to leveraging technology to drive positive change and improve the world around him. His career has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence, driving transformations within organizations and empowering teams to achieve exceptional results.

In his previous roles at Digital Realty Trust and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Frank demonstrated his ability to lead diverse teams and navigate complex challenges. From enterprise sales to product management and strategy, he has consistently delivered outstanding performance and fostered innovation.

Now, as the Senior Vice-President of ESG Strategy, Datacenter, and As-a-Service, Frank is poised to make a significant impact on revenue growth and customer experience. His mandate includes optimizing revenue across the customer lifecycle by integrating various functions such as marketing, sales, customer success, and operations.

One of Frank's key objectives is to enhance the customer experience through data analytics, driving annual recurring revenues and delivering tangible business outcomes. Drawing on his expertise in developing customer-centric, scalable 'as-a-service' solutions, Frank will focus on areas such as AI/ML, Edge IoT, Hybrid Cloud & Workplace, Cyber Security, and Sustainability. 

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Frank is a multilingual individual with a passion for languages and cultures. Fluent in Spanish and proficient in Pin Yin Chinese, he embodies a global perspective in both his personal and professional life. Splitting his time between Miami, Florida, and Alicante, Spain, Frank cherishes moments with his family and enjoys pursuits such as triathlons and sailing.

With his rich background in technology and business strategy, coupled with his commitment to excellence and innovation, Frank is poised to lead his team to new heights in the rapidly evolving landscape of technology and sustainability.

Join us in welcoming Frank to our SVL TriBU as an Executive Cultura Ambassador! 

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