Marisol Morales SVL Advisory Board Member

September 25, 2020

Marisol Morales SVL Advisory Board Member

We are very excited to welcome Marisol Morales as one of our newest Advisory Board Members. 

Marisol Morales is a Digital Communications Manager at EarthCorps where she loves creating digital media content, experimenting with emerging technology, and engaging with the community on social media about environmental conservation.

Marisol has over 10+ years in nonprofit management with an understanding of the latest technology tools available to deliver services, support, resources and connected learning opportunities to professionals and families. She has a Bachelor's Degree (B.A.) in Digital Technology and Cultures from Seattle University and currently pursuing a Master of Communication in Digital Media degree at the University of Washington.

In her spare time, she serves as a board member for EchoX, a cross-community and cross-generational initiative, leveraging the power and ubiquity of the internet and social media to amplify our region’s ethnic communities’ voices.

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