Pablo Federico - SVL Cultura Ambassador

October 17, 2018

Pablo Federico - SVL Cultura Ambassador

Pablo Federico is a sales leader at where he grows the bill pay platform for accounting firms and their clients. Since joining in November 2015, Pablo has presented at conferences and enabled hundreds of businesses to solve their bill pay problems and achieve greater efficiency in the process. Prior to, Pablo worked in corporate sales for a large fortune 500 company selling to retailers  like Walmart.

Before sales, Pablo had 10+ years of internal audit experience both domestically and internationally. He enjoyed the travel and experiences abroad but switched careers in order to align his career more closely with his sales talent and to spend more time with his family. A decision that his wife and two young daughters appreciate! Before starting a family, Pablo took a sabbatical with his wife and traveled in South East Asia and Latin America for several months. Before returning to “real life”, he also worked on President Barak Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign in New Mexico and Colorado and may have been chased by a dog or two. Pablo is a Stanford graduate originating from El Paso, Texas where everything is big including his family. He enjoys weightlifting and playing My Little Pony with his two daughters and wishes he could find a way to stop time.

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