Soco Castañeda, Ph.D. - Becoming Mujeres

May 12, 2020

Soco Castañeda, Ph.D. - Becoming Mujeres

College can be daunting to everyone, but to those of us who are first in the family to attend college, it can be terrifying.  I experienced uncertainty and imposter syndrome, and walking into class felt like I was crossing the border over and over again.  I did not want this for my daughter Lupita, and I made a promise to her that I document in this video-story.  In the promise I made to Lupita, our mother-daughter bond strengthened as I helped her develop her self-character, self-confidence, entrepreneurial spirit, and work ethic.  


Sometimes we tend to separate work and family, or we bring our children to work only on the “bring your child to work” day.  I invite you to integrate your children into what you do.  Do not separate your work and your children.  When our children see and participate in what we do, you help them build life skills.  They also feel loved and acknowledged, as the parent-child bond grows stronger.



Socorro Castañeda, Ph.D.

Becoming Mujeres, Co-founder


Becoming Mujeres is a firm that provides workshops and seminars to Latina teens and their female caregivers. For more information please visit

Dr. Castañeda is the author of Our Lady of Everyday Life: La Virgen de Guadalupe and the Catholic Imagination of Mexican Women in America, Oxford University Press, 2018.

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